Tuesday, 3 January 2012

I never did explain ...

... about the animals mentioned here: http://therevandadog.blogspot.com/2011/12/twenty-days.html
These little guys (plus a number of pictures of folk in national costume - flat people) were hidden around the church on Christmas Day.
Anyone who had a "Flat person" or an animal near them was invited to bring them forward to the Nativity Scene.
When Jesus was born the shepherds were given the message by the angels and they hurried off to Bethlehem to see what had happened.
The Magi too followed a star to come and see the new King.
That's the story portrayed in the traditional scene.
 Flat people and animals gather to visit the stable.

 Some enterprising parishioner managed to put a giraffe in the hay loft above the stable!
 The whole scene takes up a large board and when services are held it is lit with dozens of small candles.
We took the Nativity Scene to the next stage ... all people from the entire world now come to worship Jesus ... so the animals and flat people represent the way that everyone gathers to adore the Christ child ... the one born to die ... and born to be King.
Saint Nicholas' Nativity Scene therefore looks rather different from the "normal one"!
 So ... for those who were curious ... that's why the animals were gathering!
I guess they're going to be a feature of the Nativity Scene from now on!

Come and join the celebration,
it's a very special day;
come and share our jubilation,
there's a new-born King today.

Church Hymnal number 152
Valerie Collison  (b 1933)


keneva said...

That's magical - new light on an old story - thanks!

keneva said...

Love the giraffe!

lesleyc said...

And was there a turtle at your parish Nativity scene?

The pebbles are a fine addition too! All of creation rejoices...

Freda said...

An absolutely wonderful display and so full of truth and wisdom. New Year Blessings