Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The healthy option ...

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day."  Well, that's what we were told anyhow!
So today began with a healthy bowl of porridge.
In my opinion the best ingredient is "White's Organic Jumbo Oats".  They're not available in every shop so there tends to be a little stockpile in my cupboard ... a bit like coffee ... you'd not want to run out of either!
The morning turned out to be quite busy so maybe having a good breakfast was wise after all.  Then lunchtime Holy Communion ... a good crowd turned up in spite of awful weather ... though the rain was going to become much worse later on.
 Taken at around two o'clock this little angel against the sky is a COLOUR PHOTOGRAPH!!!  It was such a dark afternoon that you needed lights on almost the entire time.
Later, while waiting to go in to the BBC to record "Thought for the Day" the weather turned awful.  My umbrella will end up in the bin and I spotted a number of others that had been abandoned along the streets.  In a short walk to Broadcasting House I got totally soaked!  For the next four Thursdays I'll have a spot on Radio Ulster at 6.55 am.
 As often happens, I was a little bit early for the recording appointment so had fun with the camera as the evening traffic built up.  Every picture was different ... almost like playing with a kaleidoscope ... and choosing just two to put on here is a challenging task.
Eliot wasn't too thrilled about the wind and rain.  Rain he can enjoy ... but it seems that the wind makes him nervous and it is as much as you can do to persuade him to go out into the garden!
His chair is certainly where he prefers to be.
There's time to enjoy the last day of the Christmas decorations before they go back into the various boxes and bags for another year.  I love looking at the bits and pieces and remembering where they've come from and who chose them for me, or stitched them with care.  Quite a number are the creations of my niece who does cross-stitch.
Now ... bedtime!  So many blogs end with that statement.  Maybe I should write it, "... and so to bed."  Either way ... midnight is drawing very close and I need some beauty sleep!

Through the long night watches
may thine angels spread
their white wings above me,
watching round my bed.

Church Hymnal number 68 verse 6
Sabine Baring-Gould (1834-1924)

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lesleyc said...

The watery lights photos are wonderful!

Eliot is a wise dog - why go out in the fierce wind and rain if you can snooze on an armchair...