Saturday, 11 September 2010

2010:365:254 Art exhibition

This weekend is Saint Bartholomew's Art Exhibition.
It's very hard for the camera to do justice to the various pieces on display.  There's great variety of style, medium and price so something to suit every taste, I imagine.
The display stands make it comfortable to see everything easily and there's temptation round every corner.
Local scenes in watercolour are very tempting, especially when the sea is portrayed as calm and the whole image is serene.
Small cottages, snow covered woods ... beautiful work by many local artists and amateurs.
One of the focal points is a limited edition print of Neil Shawcross who opened the exhibition and gave this to the church.  Funds raised through the exhibition are going towards the repair of the church roof.
Among all the work there was one that caught my eye ... it isn't serene ... it isn't a watercolour ... but rather a dramatic portrayal of some part of the Antrim Coast.  It could be any one of a dozen or more exact locations but the drama is the same.  Crashing waves onto bare basalt cliffs.
The red dot is mine!
So now the problem facing me is - where to hang it?!  No doubt it will enjoy a few locations before ending up in its more permanent home.  Roll on tomorrow afternoon when we collect our purchases and life at Saint Bartholomew's rectory can return to normal.  Congratulations to Ron and Janice on a great exhibition.

Grant us, O merciful God,
the will to seek you, whom we desire above all,
that we may find you and be found in you;
may your love and wisdom
guide words spoken in your name;
may we find faith and hope
in the still small voice
which tells us of your presence;
may we be one with you
in Jesus our Redeemer.

Celebrating Common Prayer
Prayers and Praises


keneva said...

Good choice!

Rev Elizabeth said...


Loey said...

Good choice!
(I thought that before I saw the other comment) :D
I always like to see painting of local artists, there is so much talent out there.
I'm sure you'll find a place to hang it.

Anonymous said...

Looks great especially with professional stands. Out of interest, could I ask where you got them from?

Anonymous said...

Hi Rev, exhibition looks lovely. Where are the display stands from? They are perfect for the exhibition Im planning (I'm in London). I can't see any online like these at all. Many thanks, Anne