Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Maybe if I write something else ...

... inspiration will come?  Four "Thought for the Day" talks to write and all ideas have gone away with the storm!  This wouldn't be a major problem - except - they're to be recorded tomorrow as the first one is aired on Thursday!  Oops ... time to get creative.
With camera in hand that's not such a major problem ...
Rain on the window and hey presto - some odd pictures emerge.
 The dining room is reflected in the window ... photographer and all!
 By moving the camera deliberately while taking the picture it is possible to end up with these crazy shots!
But that doesn't help me progress at all with TFTD ideas!
Being creative with food is possible too.  It's been a while since I've had sardines on toast ... so that was today's lunch.  With some finely sliced onion underneath and a strong Cheddar topping ... a tasty meal in a few minutes.
I don't think that the average listener to TFTD is going to want a sardine recipe at breakfast time ... so I'm no further forward.
As for the dog ... he's just ignored me from one of his favourite sleeping spots ... on the small landing near the bottom of the stairs.  Even he has looked out of the door today and come straight back into the house.  Rain isn't the problem ... it's the strong winds that he's not too fond of.
So, where does that leave me?
Still sitting looking at a blank sheet of paper!
So, it is time to stop blogging and start "Thought for the Day-ing" ... I need to concentrate and focus ... or should I start thinking about the evening meal first?!!  Procrastination is so much easier ... though I'll not be saying that in the 'wee small hours' if there aren't four short talks ready by bedtime!

There is no moment of my life, 
no place where I may go,
no action which God does not see,
no thought he does not know.

He knew my days before all days,
before I came to be;
he keeps me, loves me, in my ways;
no lover such as he.

Church Hymnal number 19 verses 1 and 4.
Brian Foley (b 1919)

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keneva said...

...and yet it is so easy to try to hide from God - to think we can - I'm glad he knows me through and through (Psalm 139) and loves me anyway!