Friday, 2 February 2018

Friday ... including Thursday

A fairly packed couple of days ...
Yesterday, Thursday, Saint Brigid's Day. 

I've had this cross made from rushes for years and years.  It hangs in the guest room at present. 

The lapel brooch came from "Calvary" in Omeath last year.  There was a young teenage lad manning the tiny gift shop so we bought a couple of them and some other stuff.  I don't imagine he sells very much at all.

It was also on Saint Brigid's day that flights to the USA were booked ... for October!  I've been invited to a wedding so the first thing was to ensure that travel is organised.  What to wear comes next!

The opening night of the 4Corners Festival rounded off the day.  A very challenging and revealing evening in Saint Michael's on the Shankill. 

I wasn't in a great seat for taking pictures!  But you'll find another much better one on this link as well as a summary of the evening:

So, to Friday!  The Presentation of Christ in the Temple or Candlemas ... an important day in the church calendar and the official end of the Christmas season.

It was also the day when I acquired a replacement car.  It is a neat little thing ... smelling a bit of cigarette smoke ... but I can soon get rid of that!

To celebrate, I had haggis for my dinner!  A very tasty and well seasoned little beast.

Meanwhile the pup is waiting patiently for bedtime to be announced ... he went up a little earlier ... but returned to see why the delay!

The tee shirt is out ready for tomorrow ... a walk between Belfast's two cathedrals.  If today's biting wind is anything to go by, there'll be some layers under the tee shirt!

For details of the Festival and a look at the programme ... this is the link:

Pictures from the walk ... tomorrow!

Good night.

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