Thursday, 30 June 2011

Folk Museum.

The stern look of a formidable lady ... staring at the camera, afraid to move while the long exposure happened!  A dog rests quietly at her side.  Victorian bliss ... or playing at dressing up games!
Today was a day off and spent in the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum.  Eliot came too!
Early in the day we stopped at the photographers, near the Northern Bank, and posed for the camera.
Too late to add any more except for a few of my favourite pictures from the 100+ taken today!

Good night world and sleep tight!  God bless. 


ROBERTA said...

oh my! those are awesome! what a hoot! and thanks for all the eliot pics...he exhibits such a sense of longing as he looks into the distance. plus it shows off his handsome profile:)

Anonymous said...

Dig out photos of female relatives from times past and I'd say the resemblance will scare you! Eliot is in black and white any way so it still suits him. Mrs McF

Kelly Moore said...

Great fun!

Anonymous said...

went here years ago so your photos brought back many memories. Judyx