Friday, 26 October 2012

Water required!

Without water ... it will die!
The poinsettia that has survived almost an entire year is looking decidedly dry and weak!  Neglected on the windowsill, beside orchids that require very little attention, it has begun to show signs of stress.
 Right after this photograph was taken the plant received its first drink in a long time ... and the hope it that by this afternoon all the leaves will have perked up and once again look fresh and green.  It is unlikely that there'll be red bracts for Christmas ... but I would like to keep it alive and healthy looking.
The orchids were given a little drink as well ... they are much easier to care for and some of them have been around the windowsills for eight or nine years.  The flowers are simply amazing and they last for such a long time ... it seems that the conditions on this east facing window suits them very well.
 Keeping guard over the plants is one of the ubiquitous turtles ... this one from the USA!
Meanwhile the dog is on mouse-duty ... although he doesn't kill them!
So far yesterday four of the little visitors bit the chocolate!  That might be all ... but we'll keep the temptation in their way for a while longer.  The change in temperature outside has probably sent them scurrying in for warmth.  But mice are not welcome in this house!
Blessed are you, God of compassion and mercy,
to you be praise and glory for ever.
In the darkness of our sin,
your light breaks forth like the dawn
and your healing springs up for deliverance.
As we rejoice in the gift of your saving help,
sustain us with your bountiful Spirit
and open our lips to sing your praise:
Blessed be God for ever,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
from Daily Prayer for Friday in The Pilgrim Prayerbook.


ROBERTA said...

love the glow of the candle....dawn has not broken here yet - may God's light break forth on you and Eliot today....

Mozette said...

Bit the chocolate? I've never heard of that before... for mice and rats here we have a product called Ratsac... it's put out fresh for rodents and it's not a pleasant end for them.

I love your photos here... and your new format; very blue and very you. :D And of course, any photos of Eliot are just perfect! :D

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