Thursday, 27 August 2015

Rain ... and more rain ...

Who'd let a little bit of rain stop a doggie walk?  Certainly not the friends of Assisi who braved the elements at Crawfordsburn last night to raise some money ... £13,501.60 to be precise!  It began as a dry evening but by the time dozens and dozens of dogs (with owners) had arrived the rain started.  The above photograph shows some of the walkers on the home stretch.
There were refreshments as we began the evening ... and Dougal was very well behaved throughout.  He is very good in crowds and with other dogs.  One of his new friends is a small red setter ... a beautiful young dog.
Indeed, rain didn't prevent this morning's walk either ... though it did stop for a little while when we were wandering around the park.

We are so blessed to have such beauty right beside us.
 It has been hard on the roses ... rain marked and flattened ... although from a distance the rose gardens still have colour.

 Dougal as usual spent some time looking for squirrels and rolling around on the grass.  He is such a pleasure to take out and much admired. However, today there were not many other people in the park ... I didn't see anyone except the gardeners!

Meanwhile his training continues in the back garden ... the new addition is a set of hurdles!  One day he'll jump without the incentive of a treat ... but not yet!

And thinking of treats ... the doughnut peaches are back!  It is a short season ... but they are just gorgeous.  Beautiful to look at and even better to eat!

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