Thursday, 3 September 2015

I do like to be beside the seaside!

I'd forgotten just how far it is to the beach ... the board walk makes it easy though it isn't half as much fun as clambering over the sand dunes.
Anyhow ... day off ... and we arrived eventually.
Inevitably there was a photo shoot.
 Dougal posed very patiently for a while ... but the lure of the ocean ... well ... the Irish Sea ... became too much and off he shot for a long paddle.  It is a delight to watch him running along the shoreline ...
The beach was practically deserted ... just one lad with a spaniel, a couple with two small yappy dogs and another couple walking along without any dog!

You can see that it was hard to select just one or two images ... there were over a hundred from which to choose!
Then we travelled on to Kilkeel ... inspected the apples ... doing well but still far from ripe.

The grapes, however, are definitely not doing well ... my fault entirely as the spring pruning was neglected.
And, finally, the Joseph Rock Rowan tree is covered with berries.  They mustn't be ripe yet or the birds would have it stripped.  It must be over twenty years old now ... a fine tree.
I do love the yellow berries ... but it will need to be pruned ... the greenhouse lies in its shadow.
So ... that was today ... just a relaxing and doing very little kind of day!

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