Tuesday, 25 August 2015

It's a dog's life!

There's a lot of sleeping to be done when you're a dog!
 The designated chair works well for the post night nap ... the morning routine ... up-out-walk-eat-sleep!  Simplicity itself. The only variation is a change of position from "comfortable" to "evenmorecomfortable"!
His chair gets the early morning sun which seems to suit him well.
In between the sleeps ... there's time to watch the neighbours!  On one side that happens through the privet.
Dougal likes to make sure that the cars get out safely and the children are happy.
And then, on the other side ... he uses the half-landing as a vantage point.  From there he can see the postal delivery as well as anything that passes along either of our driveways.
If the sun happens to be shining this is his mid-morning sunbathing spot.  He is totally phototropic.  Later in the day you'll find him moving around the breakfast room following the sunny patch!
So, that's the complicated life of the rectory dog!

Take each day as it comes.
Rest when you can.
Enjoy the sun's warmth.
And eat whatever you're given!  (His new favourite meal is Chinese sweet and sour chicken!)

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