Saturday, 11 July 2015

Still catching up ....

 This, being summer, means there have been a few days of rain ... the bamboo plant is always good for a picture or two; the multicoloured umbrella giving a good background to the dog.

 His new chew is an antler ... it was my hair stylist who suggested this as his dog loves it ... so does Dougal!

And the soft toys are a real hit ... the duck is now "dead" having had its insides and squeak removed within a couple of days.  The fox still has his irritating noise but since this photograph is minus an arm!  Dougal appears to enjoy the play and will fetch over and over until I get tired throwing the increasingly soggy toy. 
On a recent day off we took ourselves to Waterford to spend a day with a colleague, former student of Saint Nicholas'.  Apart from a short comfort break at Castlebellingham on the way south, and Lusk on the return journey, Dougal alternated between sleeping and watching the traffic.  He is a delight to travel with and just sits or lies quietly. 
 It wasn't long until he took over the Piltown Rectory, claiming all within the boundary as his right!   An unfortunate white cat discovered this as Dougal soon had her climbing the trees!
 If he could have done the same it looks as if he would!
 The barking was fierce ... and set off many of the dogs in the surrounding village!  You could (almost) feel sorry for the cat!
 Meanwhile there's a very large turkey tail fungus in the garden ... by the time I discovered it the light wasn't great for photographs.  Next visit I'll try again.
 Its official name is Trametes versicolor.
 What an unusual fungus!
So that was Dougal's first visit to Waterford ... hopefully we'll return to explore the wonderful beaches on the south coast.

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Loey said...

I really like your photos, they tell a story of what has been happening.