Saturday, 11 July 2015

Some time later ...

and I'm back here ... random thoughts over the past few weeks ... it is hard to keep up with all that happens ... the Tall Ships have come and gone ... summer has come and gone and returned and gone again ... and suddenly the holidays are upon us!
There are the regular walks in one or other of the parks ... and Dougal is hidden by the long grass ... the white tip on his tail being the only way to spot him!
The Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon park always provides interesting objects ... the Japanese garden is a particular favourite although it needs a lot of attention.

The Tall Ships ... what a spectacle and the entire event was free ... transport to the docks and internally around from basin to basin ... entrance was free ... stewards were helpful and knowledgeable ... the whole thing was simply delightful and enjoyable.
I was the very first person on the big wheel on the day the festival opened!  There are hundreds of photographs ... so the above few are just a sample of my impressions of the event.

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