Saturday, 11 July 2015

More random bits ...

 Dougal has become accustomed to the daily photoshoot and generally poses when asked!
 The slightest noise will attract his attention until he's sure that all is okay.
 The aquarium continues to provide relaxation ...
 ... sometimes it is hard to spot the loach ... there are two of them but both appear to be shy creatures and prefer to live under the shells or behind the pots.  Just occasionally you can get a quick shot of one or other on the glass.
Whatever was going on in the tank recently the fish have managed to topple the obelisk!  
 Dougal remains the primary subject of photography with the garden coming in a close second.
 The reflections in the porch mirror caught my eye during a sudden blink of sunshine ...
 ... the hanging basket won in a raffle is now reaching the peak of its beauty.  Indeed there's a great deal of growth all round the garden.
 Trimming the willow bower has been left too late ... I did try to do a bit of pruning but the steps are just not quite tall enough.  I guess this will be a job for the gardener after the holidays.  It is a lovely cool and private place to sit or eat when (if) we have warm weather.

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Lovely photos Elizabeth