Monday, 22 June 2015

This has been a day (and a half) ....

At least, it feels like a day and a half!  Managed to cram in a lot of visits ... hospitals and care home ... and the joy of the residential facility is that the location is Portstewart!
So, after lunch the dog and I set off.  I'd been told he didn't travel well in cars ... I'm not sure what that means as Dougal didn't stir from Belfast to Portstewart Strand!
There he had an absolute ball!
Let me bore you with pictures!
 We started with the lead ...
 And then I took courage and let him run free ... and he never travelled more than a hundred yards from my side!

 Sitting in the water and letting the spray blow over his face seemed to be the favourite moment.

 As soon as he was called ... Dougal came running.  That was a huge relief.  At one point he got to play with a long haired retriever ... what energy!

So ... the visit was done and the dog was exercised ... again ... he didn't move on the return journey ... I'd say he loves to travel by car!
A happy dog and now rather exhausted!  I suspect we'll give the bedtime walk a miss this evening.


Loey said...

I really love Dougal, he's so photogenic and animated.

Rev Elizabeth said...

Thank you for your comments