Monday, 13 July 2015

"The Twelfth"

Although it is the 13th!
It is just that, in Northern Ireland, the 12th July must be on a weekday ... so if the date falls on a Sunday then we simply call the following day "The Twelfth".  Simple really.
Dougal must be aware that holidays have begun because I was the first to rise today.  It was only six o'clock but that's the normal time and it will maybe take a day or two for my body clock to adjust to a few more minutes in bed!
When we saw the weather there was no enthusiasm from either of us to venture out ... the sodden washing can remain on the line (perhaps the sun will come out later?) ... and the walking can wait an hour or two or more!
Umbrellas are the order of the day.
 This rainbow one that I was given last year is a cheerful splash of colour on a very dull day.  The hanging basket adds its own highlights of pinks and purples as well.
 Today's pictures should all have a corner of umbrella as a reminder of a very wet morning.
So ... I'll just put on my holiday socks and read a book!
Wouldn't they just make you smile?
Dougal is in his normal place beside the aquarium ... tucked up and fast asleep ...

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