Saturday, 20 June 2015

Busy days ...

It is a good thing that the dog has his own chair ... from it he can jump up and see who or what is around the house ... and then he can curl up and sleep.
I do sometimes wonder about how he sleeps ... hanging over the edge of the chair ... if humans did that we'd have a rush of blood to the head ...
Over the last 26 hours the Fire Service at Cadogan have been doing a marathon treadmill challenge ... they were raising money for a charity that provides self-catering respite for folk who have been diagnosed with cancer.
 Since the Fire Station is in our parish it seemed a good idea to go along to support them ... so the dog came too!

 Until just the last few minutes they had dry weather ... though today was a bit warm.
Dougal didn't seem to mind about weather or a No Waiting sign!

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