Friday, 5 June 2015

I'm not even going to comment on ...

... the fact that it has been MONTHS since the last entry.

There's a new addition to the Rectory today ... a lovely Labrador x Spaniel ... called Dougal and continuing with that name.  From time to time it might be lengthened to Father Dougal.
Needless to say ... I am besotted!

We walked and walked and walked today ... Castle Grounds and the Walled Garden in Bangor (meeting Canon Ronnie Nesbitt at the Abbey and having the freedom to be off the lead for a while there).

 Planting is well underway in the garden and already it looks magnificent ... when the new growth takes over ... I can't imagine just how wonderful it will be.

Maybe I should have said earlier that Dougal is from Assisi ... and in these photographs is wearing his new harness with the padded bib.  We had a good walk at Assisi before getting into the car.
Then it was back to the Rectory ... and my back seat passenger sat like Lord Muck surveying everything around him.
It didn't take Dougal long to find his water bowl and have a turn in the garden before curling up on his chair for an afternoon doze.
He is, as you can see, a most handsome dog ... seven years old ... coming from a good home where his previous owner was sad to have to part with him ...
... so here he is ... lord of all he surveys ... and totally relaxed and contented!  Maybe his presence will encourage me to blog a little more frequently.


The Pen of The Wayfarer said...

thanks for taking him in

Rev Elizabeth said...

Thank you ... he is a wonderful dog.