Saturday, 6 June 2015

Day Two

And all is well in Magic Roundabout land!  The pup never moved all night and, at half past seven this morning I decided that it was time he stirred.
Breakfast was interesting ... more inhaled than chewed!
That was followed by a peanut butter lick ... very popular choice!
Then, a walk in the park ... what delight ... huge space to run, scratch and sniff ... a dog's life isn't too complicated.

What now ... just waiting and sleeping ... and showing off a fancy new collar!

Meanwhile ... out in the garden I've been waiting for a rosebud to open ... daily pictures recording the gradual change.
29th and 30th  and 31st May and 1st June ... it is hard to see much difference over those four cold and damp days.

Then the days became marginally warmer ... and by 4th June things were looking better!
5th June ... no significant change ... 
Then, today, 6th June ... the bud has at last started to open!  Meanwhile other roses have boomed and flourished ... I do wonder why this one has taken its time.  The sun is shining on it now ... so perhaps tomorrow's picture will be of a more open bloom ... we'll see. 

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