Friday, 9 January 2015

Does it make things easier ... ?

The internet, that is!
In theory ... yes.
There's all the information you could possibly want, and then some!  The traveller is faced with a bewildering choice of places to stay with multiple saver options.  Tripadvisor helps to narrow the field ... but even then ... one bad review doesn't mean that the place is to be dismissed out of hand.  Others have written more positively ... everywhere can have and off-day ... and some people are very hard to please!
Anyhow, with a dozen hotels shortlisted, the task of narrowing it down to a final winner begins ... and eventually that has been done.
So, two hours later, TWO HOURS, flights are booked and a bed reserved ... and I can enjoy the anticipation of a visit to the Iron Men at Crosby.

If weather at the end of February is fine I will take more pictures to add to the collection of "Another Place".
 There is something strange about the pull of these figures ... you'd almost (but not quite) want to wade out to look at those buried deeper in the sea ... it might just be a tad cold in February!

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Anonymous said...

I've just checked your page as I do every so often. Good to 'hear' from you again. Very sorry about the sad news. Mrs McF