Thursday, 18 June 2015

Fourteen days!

Dougal history continues ... his new best toy is a squeaky duck ... a Mallard if you wish to be precise.
 Some games with this after his evening meal and he's now exhausted!
Day off Thursday gave us the chance to attend a fund raising Strawberry Tea ... well ... more like strawberry breakfast ... but it was delicious ... strawberry everything and two more dogs for Dougal's entertainment!
 The main attraction as far as Dougal was concerned were Tess and Stanley ... the adults had a different focus!
 Treats were popular with all the hounds.
 Of course there was a photo session ... and the poser posed!
 On the way home we did a car wash ... a strange experience with which the dog coped very well.

I do still think that he is a very handsome dog and full of fun and energy!

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