Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Exciting Times ...

We're well into the second week and life has been busy for the pup!
First, he had a couple of nights in the kennels ... thoroughly enjoyed his time there and then welcomed me with enthusiasm!
Then, he had fun in three different parks ...
 Strangford Park is the home base ... he's there most days ... and on 12th June there was a bit of off-lead fun!  Every time he was called, Dougal returned to me ... so that anxiety is over.
He has adopted a few of the turtles ... no harm comes to them ... they just turn up in unexpected places!
Every day (the next two pictures are from 13th June) Dougal spends a bit of time in "his" chair!
 From that vantage point he can watch me work at the computer ... or doze ... he does snore quite loudly!
Monday morning we had an early walk ... dawn was breaking with a very pink sky ... it is possible to see the dog in the bottom right corner of the photograph ... the white tip on Dougal's tail is the giveaway.
 Walks are full of new and exciting things for him to investigate.
Malone Presbyterian Church held his attention for a while and I managed to get the phone out to take a picture or two!
Tonight I noticed something new ... Dougal had managed to get the paw print fleece in the manner of a "comforter" which he seemed to hug as he slept - snored!
 It may well have been accidental ... but it did look rather cute.
Life isn't only about dogs and roses ... but it has been an enjoyable ten days ... he is well settled, contented and follows me around or sits on my feet ...
So far he has met the window cleaner and the gardener and a good number of parishioners!  It was Parish Lunch on Sunday and he was a popular visitor, posing for photographs and making a good impression!  Long may that continue.
He going to a Strawberry Tea on Thursday where he meet two other dogs ... they will have a wonderful time ... though I suspect a bath may be required when we return ... the meadow can be a tad muddy!  Life is never dull for the Rectory Dog ... and there might just be a walk before bedtime this evening.

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