Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Twelfth

This year the Belfast Twelfth passed off without the violence and disrespect of recent years.  A pleasantly warm and dry day made for comfortable watching of "the bands" ... and what a mixture they were!
Some clearly practice hard both in playing and in marching ... one particularly good one (and I may have a small bias!) was the Mourne Young Defenders from Kilkeel.  Every single member was in step, the tunes they played were recognisable and the big drum was used appropriately.  You couldn't say that for every band and some of the big drums were more like weapons of ear destruction!

It was a good day for photographs ... but I'll not put all six hundred up here!

I like to capture the "unusual" or "amusing" moments ... and did manage to find a few "interesting" shots.

One of the features of The Twelfth is the array of large banners ... too many in the Belfast parade to show them all ...

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