Friday, 4 July 2014

Patience ...

Maybe it's the warmer weather ... but there seems to be a serious lack of patience around ... particularly on the roads!
White van drivers have a reputation ... and some of them earn it!  The motorway is notorious ... white van weaving in and out to gain a car length or two ... and then to discover that someone he passed illegally is now in front of him again!
The Lisburn Road is a "death trap".  Pedestrian crossings (with lights) can be ignored by driver after driver.  It is amazing that so few people are knocked down because the opportunities are certainly multiplying.
I was waiting to take a right turn yesterday ... aware of oncoming traffic ... the driver in the white van behind me wasn't so patient ... a long blast on the car horn almost persuaded me to get out and go to his window to ask what was the matter!  The fact that I was in clerical black suddenly dawned on him ... but why should that make a difference.  Bad manners and impatience are just plain wrong whether it is against woman or man, cleric or lay.
Perhaps this is city life ... everything must be at an ever faster pace ... a good walk on the beach with a contented dog may be the answer.
It might even cool down some of the hot heads who claim to be the leaders of this province.  Do they ever stop to take a look at themselves and their behaviour.  What we don't tolerate in a three year old we seem destined to have to put up with in the politicians.

Drink water ... with a dash of lime and go for a walk ... with a dog if you have one!

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