Friday, 2 January 2015

It has been a while ...

Days, weeks and months pass ... suddenly we're in 2015!  How did that happen?
The year got off to a difficult start here in the rectory.  Eliot became ill and had to be put to sleep yesterday, New Year's Day. It was his fourteenth birthday.  A very sad farewell but to make him linger would have been selfish.  He was not going to get better.
So today I'm washing his blankets and toys.  They'll go to a good home.
And I'm adjusting to life without Eliot.
There is the whole year lying ahead ... a year of potential and hope ... a year when, once again, we can see God's hand at work in our lives.
Christ, the Light of the World, is here among us ... let us walk with him into the unknown.


Mozette said...

Mum and I were so upset to find out Eliot had left your side this year... and so early on too.

When I clicked on your blog, I noticed you had changed the name of it too; this must have been a sad thing to have to do as well.

It took me almost a year to part with Little Miss Stevie's covers and blankets; and I'm glad I did... and you know something? Just the other night, I dreamt I got another little bird; and realised I gave away all my blankets and covers to the RSPCA. But the little bird looked so happy with me that I didn't mind spending the money again to buy them again.

Funny how dreams are like that, hey?

I'm sure Eliot's watching over you everyday, as he keeps guard at the Rainbow Bridge.

A :-) said...

I followed you and Eliot on the 365 Project - I stopped posting photos about the same time you did, and I just now have read your post here about losing Eliot. I'm so very sorry - I loved all the photos you used to post of him, and I'm very, very sorry for your loss. I know you must miss him still.