Saturday, 1 March 2014


I suppose a meal would taste just the same if the presentation happened to be a bit 'rough and ready' ... but the visual pleasure is part of the experience too, I think.
The art of the chef means that the meal is enjoyed first by the eye and then by the taste buds.  Yesterday's lunch is an example of that.
 A careful balance of colours and textures on a pristine white plate was my meal while one of my friends enjoyed the very dramatic herby chicken served on a board with a 'Midsomer Murder' style skewer!  Both very different in appearance ... both delicious!
 Even at home the breakfast mushrooms were photographed in the early morning sunshine ... though one observant friend thought that I should have had all of them on the toast and removed the stray part from the edge of the plate!  Maybe we watch too many cooking programmes?
Perhaps I'd managed a better job with the previous day's scrambled egg ... though the parsley was applied with more exuberance than skill!
 And that's the conflict ... to present food in a restaurant the exact measured amount of the herb is added ... at home ... when you adore the flavour ... there is no such restraint.
 Food plays a significant part in the WOW experience.  The end of February meeting this week was close enough to Ash Wednesday for us to spend some time thinking about Lent and the preparation for it ... Shrove Tuesday in particular.  As households used up some of the richer, more luxurious ingredients, pancakes are the order of the day.
This recipe comes from a very old Women's Institute Cookery Book ... and never fails!  
 So, after our discussion time we made pancakes!  Almost a week early ... but ... very tasty!
 Just pick your topping and enjoy!
 Choir members who arrived early enough joined us for a little snack too.
 Worship on Wednesday (WOW) is open to all ... so if you're around on the last Wednesday of the month we meet in Saint Nicholas' at 6.30 pm.
Meanwhile ... as Lent approaches ... the annual sacrifice of carry out food looms ... I'd better have one or two Chinese meals over the weekend as there'll be no more until Easter!
So, in the words of the traditional school grace: "For what we have received, may the Lord make us truly thankful.  Amen."

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