Monday, 3 March 2014

Is there such a thing ...

... a writer's block?
If it exists ... then I have symptoms.
How hard can it be to put together two and a half minutes of a talk ... just a thought for the day ... but the deadline draws ever closer and only the most random ideas have hit the page!
So, to let the mind relax here are some shots from today ...
A flood in the boiler house ... I helped by taking pictures of the poor men who did all the work!
The trouble is, we don't know where it's coming from ... so the system has had to be closed down until the plumber can have a look.

There seemed to be an awful lot of water ... 
Then I had a while in the church ... having brought "Brasso" with me I spent a happy while putting a bit of a shine on the ewer and alms dishes ... that was in-between talking to eleven visitors!  One of the parishioners devised a new way to display our "Open Church" advertising poster ... and it seems to be working very well!  Ballymena - Galway - Germany ... and some who live more locally all enjoyed the beauty of the sacred space today.
 Polished brass has such a warm glow ... and it is a very satisfying job to do ... especially when it was as tarnished as these items were.  You can certainly see the difference!

 You'd never get tired of taking pictures ... the windows have such magnificent colours and designs and every time you look there's some new feature to consider.  Here, in the Light of the World window, I noticed the crown of thorns for the first time!  What a beautiful symbol in the juxtaposition of the kingly crown and the thorns!
So ... writer's block or not ... it is time to return to the task for this evening ... Thought for the Day ... because Ash Wednesday is coming very close!

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