Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Well now ...

Between organising Sunday Services, visiting, home communions and planning a Christmas Dinner ... the work of a Parish Priest is certainly varied!
The Christmas Dinner is the traditional Mothers' Union one planned for March ... more of that later.  Meanwhile MU yesterday was an interesting mix of a Quilting Exhibition by one of our own Parishioners and a visit from the Bishop of Kitale and his wife Rael, who is the Mothers' Union International Council Member for part of East Africa.
The quilting is amazing and there are a number of photographs on the parish website on the Photographs page in the Mothers' Union section.

Bishop Stephen and Mama Rael enjoy the variety of quilting techniques shown.
 We had time at the end to sit over a cup of tea and find out more about Kitale Diocese in Northern Kenya ... yet another link for our parish with the Anglican Church in Kenya.

 It was good to welcome some of Connor's Trustees, including our President, Valerie.
 At the end Mollie, the quilter, gave Mama Rael one of the Irish style quilts.
A most enjoyable Mothers' Union gathering.
Meanwhile ... the dog sleeps and eats ... happy as Larry!  (Who was Larry?)
And the fish swim in endless lengths of their tank!
So all is well in Rectory-land ... 

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Anonymous said...

So good to hear from you again!
Glad you are in better health.
I checked in regularly to watch for news.
Patience rewarded.. Mrs McF