Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Shrove Tuesday

The day before!
The day of using up all the rich food ...
The trouble is ... in our affluent society there's rather too much to consume in one day!
However ... the pancakes have been made ... and many of them eaten!
 The electric frying pan works a treat for cooking them ... modern cooker hobs are not designed for the traditional griddle!
The smell of cooking pancakes is such a comforting memory ... we enjoyed them all round the year ... if visitors arrived unexpectedly ... the griddle was warmed and fresh pancakes appeared as if by magic!  The standard baking ingredients of flour, sugar and raising agents as well as eggs were always available, even if bread and sandwich fillings weren't.  For me, pancakes are more a symbol of hospitality than a preparation for Lent ... but I guess they work at both levels.
May you have a good Shrove Tuesday and a profitable Lent.


Mozette said...

MMMMmmmm... Yummo! Pancakes are always cooked on Sunday mornings with fruit and maple syrup for me to eat with them. I love sprinkling sugar and squeezing lime juice on them! :D

Nancy Wallace said...

Such appetizing photos! I can almost smell and taste them - looking forward to our pancakes later this evening.