Thursday, 10 October 2013


A new hashtag for a re-issued book.
This was, and is, a significant contribution to the Christian response to the Northern Irish conflict ... first produced in 1988 by ECONI (Evangelical Contribution on Northern Ireland).  That seems a long time ago now ... and today the book was relaunched at the Skainos Centre with some of the original participants present!
The cover is rather more muted than the very stark design of the 1980s, but the content is unchanged.
There are ten chapters, each dealing with a significant topic: love, forgiveness, reconciliation, peace, citizenship, truth, servanthood, justice & righteousness, hope and repentance.
These will form the subjects of ten Bible Studies at Saint Nicholas' over the next few months.  Copies of the book cost just £1.  These sessions will be in the church on Saturday mornings at 11.30 am and will last for just an hour.  They're open to everyone and we hope that they'll attract a wide audience.
The launch was held at the wonderful new Skainos Square on the Newtownards Road.
This centre is adjacent to the vertical garden ... a most interesting feature in the area.

A huge patch of fresh greenery along a city street ... so restful on the eye and good for the environment.  I wonder what it is like to live and work behind this screen ... ?
So, with blue sky today and cooler temperatures ... Belfast is looking good!

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