Friday, 18 October 2013

Some weeks just are "busy"!

Finding time to blog isn't always the easiest ... and yesterday, day off, wasn't the time to do it either!  It was a chance to relax by the seaside, to eat al fresco and sit by a warm fire in the evening ...
The light was magnificent as the sun moved to the south west ...
Such a blue sky in October!

 It was mild enough, and warm in the sunshine, to sit outside for lunch.  As always, Eliot attracted a lot of attention as folk passed Seasalt.  At that stage he was still dry and fluffy.
Shortly afterwards his preferred seat was in a rock pool!
The remainder of the afternoon was spent with gardening ... pulling weeds, cutting grass and planting bulbs!  So it was good to come in, get a fire lit and read for a while ... actually ... it may have been more like dozing than reading!
As for the week that is missing ... Mothers' Union ... Bangor Abbey on Sunday ... Open Church on Saturday ... as well as the normal stuff of visiting, preparation and other bits and pieces!
Prayer for MU around the world is part of the work of each branch ... here we were thinking about Africa ... Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda and Sudan in particular.  Every day MU members pray for one another ... at noon if possible.
 The Bangor wildflower planting scheme has been a great success and now, even at the end of the season, the beds are looking bright and colourful.
So too was the Abbey ... full of flowers and harvest produce ... a beautiful place and good to be back as the preacher.
 Of course ... Bangor is by the sea ... and no visit would be complete without a little walk to enjoy the sound and smell ... this was at Ballyholme.
Finally ... the fish had to be given their bath!  Every few weeks they are subjected to a complete clean ... major work but it does mean they look good for the next little while.  This is either the three of them posing for a group photograph, a protest swim ... or a plea for food!  
Now ... back to work ... and maybe a picture or two later ... even if the day is dull and grey.  There's still lots of beauty and much for which to be thankful!

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