Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Wednesday ....

... and already it feels like the weekend!
Some weeks are like this ... and other times the days appear to be endless ... and what is there to show for all the activity ...
Well ... a neat log pile in the wood shed!
 That happened one lunch time when I was waiting for food to cook ... the logs were delivered in plastic bags but rather damp ... so now they can dry out in the air and be ready for all those lovely winter fires.
 The smell of cut wood is delicious!
There's some turf is to be delivered next week (apparently there's a shortage this year)t.  And burning turf is another smell that's hard to beat.
Dinner shots are in a similar category ... the taste, look and smell of good fresh food ... what a delight!
Meanwhile, I've been studying this interesting book ... very readable and thought provoking.
No doubt there'll be a quotation or two from it that will find their way onto this blog in the days to come.
Eliot, the ever-patient hound, simply sits and waits ... a lesson in slowing down if ever there was one!  He's such a gentle big dog ... happily dozing at my feet until such times as the "walk" word is uttered ... and then he's at the door, tail wagging and full of enthusiasm.  The darker evenings (and darker mornings) don't lend themselves so easily to venturing out ... still ... who can resist his persistent gaze?
All you need is an extra


That's a word I'd forgotten about until a friend put it on Facebook this morning!  An Irish word ... pronounce it 'gan-zee' and, in our family at least, it will bring back childhood memories.  geansai was certainly used for that thick jumper which keeps you toasty warm in the cooler evenings.  
So ... putting on a geansai I'll venture out with the mutt to walk off some of his energy and to help me sleep ... not that I need fresh air to do that!  All I require is someplace to lay my head ... the ability to sleep anywhere at anytime is a wonderful gift ... sleeping through alarms perhaps isn't ... though I've not done that in a while!

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