Thursday, 18 April 2013


"Thursday" ... what an inspired title!  Okay ... maybe there's a bit of sarcasm there ... but I can't think of another one.
Again, it's been a while since the last blog ... so "Catching up" might have been the alternative ... but you don't really 'catch up' ... time lost is gone and blogs not written are not written.  However, perhaps a few highlights from the past week.  I'll go backwards ...
An amaryllis is in flower ... one that reminded a friend of Bagpus!
That took me on a hunt for a video of this cult cartoon cat!  An amazing story of just thirteen episodes and yet generations have fallen in love with Bagpus ... if you create something really good it will stand the test of time and continue to speak to each generation.
Earlier in the week Mothers' Union/Ladies' Guild met to enjoy an afternoon of fun with The Singing Chef!
If you're looking for a speaker for a special event ... then Raymond is a good choice!
Mothers' Union took up part of Sunday as well.
This is from the Festival Service held in Saint Anne's.
Sunday morning was a farewell service in Saint Nicholas' as one of our families moves to England ... we'll miss them.
 The little lad gets a farewell kiss from another parishioner of the same age ... not sure he'll want to see this picture twenty years from now!
 But I have no doubt that someone will remind him!
Meanwhile the dog keeps a good eye on what's happening around the place ...
 ... where would we be without his vigilance!
That all doesn't sound very busy at all ... but the days are usually packed and the Blog is neglected.
The goldfish survived their little holiday ... and it has certainly inspired me to consider setting up the tank again.  It is very restful to watch the fish ...
 They aren't the easiest creatures to photograph ... at least Eliot will sit still for a moment!

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