Tuesday, 9 April 2013

You learn something new every day ...

There are some words that just "work" on a Scrabble board!
Telamon is one of them!  In the right place it gives 104 points!
For just a moment I felt sorry for my opponent ... the 'luck of the draw' in terms of letters and being able to place them all at one turn brings a bonus as well ... That little pang of regret soon passed with the memory of all the games that I've lost ... many more than those where I was victorious.
So, a telamon ... it is from architecture ... and is a colossal male figure in a column that supports a building.
Telamon is also a character in Greek mythology!
So, that's today's bit of 'useless information' but a handy word if you happen to have just those letters when playing scrabble!

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