Friday, 19 April 2013

Spot the Difference

This is always a popular quiz for young folk ... maybe older people like it too?
Spot the differences ... or, in this case, the one difference!

I'm not a great fan of graffiti ... now, the trouble is ... some of it has moved into the quality of street art.  Such pieces, if done by someone with a reputation, can be worth a tidy sum.  There are also a number or murals around the city that certainly qualify as "art" rather than "graffiti".  
But a large slogan on a hillside that can be seen all over the city ... no.  I don't think that it is art ... even if I were to agree with the sentiment.
This is where "Paint" comes in handy!
The offensive words can be removed very easily and, unless you're up very close, you'll probably not even see the join.
This raises another interesting question ... should one try to cover up something unpleasant?  Much in society that is wrong is more or less air-brushed away ... we pretend that all is well ... while the reality is a string of injustices, prejudices and shady practice.  The church too must play its part in uncovering all that is wrong and showing that there is a better way ... a way of holiness, a way where people respect one another, love one another and "don't speak ill of the dead".  
The ease with which I was able, in about four seconds, to change reality and make the landscape look perfect was a lesson in "cover up" and "pretence" and even the deeper questions regarding peaceful protest ... 
I don't have the answers ... but at least there are some questions.
Meanwhile ... the dog looks on with endless patience ... 

He even brought me a present from the garden ... a much loved and frequently buried bone!
I don't think that my appreciation was heart-felt ... 
Let's face it ... how would you react?
The amaryllis gave me a bit more pleasure!  It is now in its full "Bagpus" form ... and is a delight to see.
 The front window is clearly a good place for plants as the old poinsettia from two or three Christmases ago has begun to produce the red bracts ... amazing and so tender looking.
I'm rather pleased that it has not only survived but is also showing the colour of a rather pale poinsettia ... it may not be the vivid scarlet of those you can purchase at Christmas ... but it is certainly alive and not just green!

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ROBERTA said...

Love the seek & find. And the amaryllis. But the bone? Not so much! Poor E!