Thursday, 7 March 2013

Wandering around

For a little while this afternoon I had a short walk at Minnowburn ... very calm and still ... beautiful and full of atmosphere.
 I was on my way back home after a funeral and a hospital visit and did a detour round here.  It was slightly raining, a bit misty and full of atmosphere!
A few brave souls were out with dogs ... I did wish that Eliot had been in the car but even without him I enjoyed a few minutes of reflection and peace.
The "obligatory" red coat just happened to move into the shot ... that seems to be one of the secrets of an interesting picture!  I've sent a similar one to this off to BBC so you never know ... some evening when they're looking for a "misty damp day picture" it might illustrate the weather!
This place must be beautiful when the trees have a few more leaves!
 Even on a cool spring afternoon it looks good ... mind you ... at times it was beginning to feel more like an autumn evening!
I did receive the odd strange look ... and the reason for that is a black eye!  Simply acquired ... just fall in the middle of the road at rush hour ... I don't suppose it would matter what time of the day you measure your length on the tarmac ... the end result is not a pretty sight!
This happened just before the Belfast Phoenix Choir were about to give a concert in Saint Nicholas'.  Fortunately that evening as we enjoyed a superb performance the eye wasn't too obvious!  Today ... it is in glorious technicolour!
 The choir was really good ... just a pity that a few more folk didn't manage to get along to hear them!  Those who were present had a thoroughly good evening.
And I came home, not only with a black eye but also some delicious food ... my sister and her husband brought a "food parcel" and this pie ended up being a midnight feast ... comfort food, I suppose, when sleep wouldn't come.  It was particularly good!
 Himself, the dog, Eliot, had to lie at my feet ... smelling the delicious aroma and knowing that he'd see only a morsel!  This is his pathetic "please save me a tiny piece" kind of look!
So that's the eventful life here ... never a dull moment in Saint Nicholas'!
And the lesson from the story ... pick up your feet when you're crossing a busy road unless you want to perform an advertising stunt; and, I guess the dry cleaners didn't mind seeing the same jacket a second time in one week!

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