Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Run the race ...

Yesterday I took Eliot on a bit of a walk in the Malone demesne ... at one point we were overlooking the new track ... an impressive sight!
 This is where a wide angle lens would help!  Though I suppose the runner sees only the bit of track in front ... and still keeps running.
Maybe there's a sermon in that!  Just keep going ... running the race ahead of you ... even if  you can't see very far.  We follow the one who is the leader who will "match his stride to yours until your journey's end."
The track here is level and easy ... sometimes in the life-race there are hurdles ... and uneven ground ... but we are running alongside a travelling companion who will pick us up if we fall and who will provide all the support we need.
Keep going ... even if the way is tough at times.
Take a leaf out of Eliot's book ... he's determined to dig to Australia!  No matter how many times I fill in the hole ... he's back digging!  Sometimes I wonder just what was once buried in this spot!
Today, even with a heavy frost on the ground, he was busy as usual.
The frost gave some beautiful patterns on the edges of the spring flowers.
 And it was wonderful to see another dry day with blue sky ... though maybe not just as intense as yesterday.  Rain is coming, we're told ... so the long dry spell is about to end.  It was good while it lasted and the parks are certainly much easier for walking these days.
The tree ... just because I like the pattern!

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