Friday, 8 March 2013

Day off ...

I'm thinking of changing my Day Off to Fridays!  Today was a Kilkeel sort of day ... partly to have spectacles repaired (ouch!) and partly to see if the house is okay.
Well it was fine ... but my "brown bin" had been relocated!
And renumbered!
I think that it would have made an interesting picture to see the change from the original house number to the new one ... with little (or no) attempt to conceal the origin ... but the camera wasn't handy at the time.  It was a bit embarrassing to have to go to someone's house and say "I think that my bin has been confused with your bin" ... seeing clearly that the number had been overwritten ...
Now it is safely back in my garden and full of garden rubbish ... getting it emptied may be more of a challenge but I can sort that out sometime.

It was a wild and windy morning ... but part of the reason for the trip was to reacquaint myself with the beach ... so, undeterred by a breeze (or a gale) off we went ... Eliot was in heaven, of course!  There was no one else in sight so he could be off lead ... I can't for the life of me think why no one would be walking in this weather ... surely a bit of rain and storm with high seas wouldn't keep you indoors?

The oyster-catchers were congregating on the shore and Eliot had some fun getting them into flight!
Unfortunately the combination of rain and spray meant that some of the pictures have spots on them ... a reminder to check the lens before taking photographs perhaps?
Getting back home for lunch with a roaring fire and lots of candles was welcome warmth ... it is almost worth getting cold to appreciate the delight of home comfort!

What a contrast to the stormy seas!
So much sea air and exercise ... an early night is called for!

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