Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Food, fun and fellowship

Sometimes you need something warm and soothing ... easy to eat, quick to prepare ... and that's when a tin of tomato soup comes in very handy!  Not just any soup, of course.  It has to be Tomato Soup and Heinz Tomato Soup in particular!
The problem is ... if it lands on your clothes ... especially if they happen to be pale lilac ... you're in real trouble.
Today I took no chances ... while the soup warmed I donned a heavy duty chef's apron with a bib!  And ... not a drop landed on it.  Had I tried to eat the stuff without the protection of the closely woven cotton ... I imagine that I'd be trying to remove a soup stain even as I type.  Such is life!
It was a light lunch because tonight was the Christmas Dinner!
Yes ... Christmas Dinner!
 Getting the Christmas Tree up was the first job ... and then guests arrived suitably dressed in Christmas ties, earrings ...
 Randals did the usual superb food ... traditional Christmas fare ... Vegetable soup, Turkey with all the trimmings followed by Christmas Pudding and Custard!  Wonderful.
The craic at the tables was good and then we rounded off the evening with Christmas Carols!
 This traditional March Christmas is now a feature of our programme.  It all began by accident one year when the weather was so bad at Christmas that we postponed the event ... and it worked so well that we've kept the pattern every year since.  I guess we appreciate the food even more when it is separated from the time of year when we tend to eat a number of Christmas dinners in a very short space of time.
On the heels of Easter it is good to remember the incarnation and the link between the "Man born to be King" and the "Child born to die".

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