Saturday, 23 March 2013

Christmas dinner ... followed by snow!

 Christmas dinner on Tuesday night and now, this weekend, we're under a blanket of snow!  For a short time yesterday there was even a complete black out over Belfast.
There's no doubt that this is going to create a great deal of inconvenience and, for some, it will be a cold and dangerous weekend.
Parts of the island didn't get any snow ... near Newry it was just cold and wet ... good weather for ducks!

This lake is at Dromantine ... a beautiful conference centre well off the beaten track.
 There wasn't a chance to go for a walk around the lake ... but I did manage to get a few pictures ... looking into the morning sun ...
 ... and standing under an umbrella in the afternoon!
Then, home to snow!  That wasn't a pleasant journey ... so it was good to get back and get the fire going!
 The question in mind just now is ... what to do about the Easter Garden for church ... the plan was that it would be put together tomorrow, Palm Sunday.  That plan may well change if I can't get to a garden centre!
The Crown of Thorns is sitting on the windowsill ... but I'll need more than just that one plant!
Watch out for updates!

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