Monday, 18 March 2013


It is late ... the day has been a long one ... but, before heading off to bed there's time to share a potato with you.
"A potato" you might ask.
Indeed yes.  A Navan potato ... but not just any ordinary spud ... this one came with love written all over it ...
Well ... perhaps not the word "love" ... but that's the subject that it made me think about.
Love for one another ... love for God ... loved by God ... loved by others ...
It's all to do with the heart!
I wonder if potatoes are good for one's heart?  There is some research that suggests two helpings of potatoes per day lowers blood pressure even more than oatmeal.  It was a small American sample group and the potatoes were microwaved golf ball sized purple skinned ones ... so I'd maybe not draw any firm conclusions from it.  They do point out that if the potatoes are cooked in fat or smothered in cheese then they are not good for you!
Anyhow ... back to the potato that made me think of love ... a picture is worth a thousand words (give or take a few) so ... this is it ... the potato for which you've been waiting!
God's love ... unchanging and unconditional ... seen in the cross.

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