Saturday, 9 March 2013


Well ... perhaps just a slice of toast!
It is a perfectly ordinary slice of toast ... crisp and warm, ready to eat!
          Then, look again.
                    The pattern of the holes ... 
                              Its a face, of course!
No ... not clear ... 
How about some help?
Here's what a couple of minutes on "Paint" can do!
Indeed ... a face!
Maybe it is a bit like making patterns in the clouds ... for just a moment there's a picture of a house, car or person ... and then a wind changes the shapes and suddenly there's an animal or some other feature!  Imagination is wonderful ... it gives a whole world of ideas ... many of them may not develop into anything but ... it doesn't cost anything to dream and imagine.
To see beyond reality means that things become possible and dreams can take on actual shape and form.
A face in a piece of toast ... well, the toast is long since eaten ... but the ideas that it sparked off remain!
Does Eliot dream and imagine ... what's he thinking as he lies at the door?
Perhaps he sees the monsters coming to get me and he's there ready to protect ... or he imagines bags of food trundling along the hallway ... or roast chickens falling from the stairs!  He's very partial to a bit of roast chicken ... 

Or is it possible that he's urging me to stop this madness and simply play a game with him?
I suspect the latter ... so it is time to do just that!  

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