Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Glad to be home!

It's cold out there ... and we've very little snow compared to some places around the country.  You do feel for those who are working hard to restore power to some homes still without electricity, and for farmers and others whose livelihood has been affected very seriously.  It was heartbreaking to see on the news last night the loss of life among the young animals.  We weren't expecting such a depth of snow or the way it seems to have come in pockets.
At home here there was snow still at some depth on the ground ... when I went to collect Eliot from kennels ... there was nothing to be seen!  It must have seemed a bit strange when I called to say that the roads were impassable on Friday!  They were here ... but not there.
Anyhow, the pup is home safe and well and very happy!
What is it about snow that brings out the child in us all ... even in the dogs!
He had a great time running and jumping in the snow at the Parish Halls ...

 With the camera on a "sports" setting I managed to get a few decent pictures ... and enjoyed watching him bounce along!
The forsythia is coming out ... strange to see it against a snow background ... you expect more fresh spring green ...
When the thaw comes there'll be other problems ... it has already started a little bit on the tarmac ... but there's more to come when the snow begins to melt off the roofs ...

So ... back to work ... and try to ignore those big eyes that are just begging for another visit to the snowfields!

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