Saturday, 12 January 2013


 The gaudy gerberas have found their way into the shops ... these two were selected on Thursday to bring the sunshine to my kitchen windowsill.  It seems that this is the fifth most popular cut flower ... the other four are: rose, carnation, chrysanthemum and tulip.  That list you could almost have guessed!
Being native to the Transvaal I'm guessing that these won't do very well if I plant them out in this cold wet January ... so I'll enjoy them indoors instead.  It's like having sunflowers in the house ... and since they're related to the sunflower family ... I suppose that's not exactly a surprise.
You certainly need something to keep the sunshine in when the days are cold and wet.  Angel has found the perfect answer ... become a hearth rug!
 Watching her toast one side and then the other was a pantomime!  At one point she'd obviously become a bit too much of a hot dog and moved to the cooler part of the room ... but not for long!  Back she came for a bit more toasting.
Eliot doesn't lie out in front of the fire ... he's got a thick coat and maybe it becomes a little too warm for him.
After he eats you'll often find him sitting outside for an hour or two, just watching the trees.
He'll move quickly if I pick up one of the bags that contains "walking stuff" ... things like plastic bags and hand wipes!
This particular bag (a Christmas gift) is a carpet!  A wonderful thick Turkish carpet.
I love it ... and it's big enough to take camera, purse and phone as well as all the other necessities for a dog-walk.
"Caretta" is the loggerhead sea turtle found not only in the Mediterranean Sea but also throughout the major oceans.  It has the widest distribution of any turtle. There are fewer along the European coasts and the largest concentration is in Florida and the southern part of the US.
Cyprus, Turkey and especially Greece have most of the Mediterranean loggerheads, and planes are not permitted at night around the nesting sites at Zakynthos (Greece).
This bag is from southern Turkey ... Köyceğiz ... that's the name woven into the fabric.

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I learn something new every blog! Didn't know that about caretta.