Thursday, 10 January 2013

Day off ...

... and a cold, cold walk by the seaside!  "Bracing" might be one word to describe it ... "perishing" is more accurate!  That's either: fresh and invigorating ... or ... extreme discomfort.
Well ... maybe "bracing" is the better description after all!
The dogs certainly appeared to enjoy themselves.
Eliot's long hair catches the wind and in the second photograph it appears as if Angel is making some kind of comment on the "bad hair" look.
Walking along the beach with both dogs was an interesting challenge, especially when they wanted to investigate smells in two different directions!  It was only on the promenade that they were content to amble along together, stopping at every bin to see what dog had been there ahead of them.

 This year there is very little sand on the beach but that can change ... today it was mostly stones and seaweed.
  Perhaps they did get cold ... as soon as we arrived in the house and got the fire lit the two of them claimed places in front of it.  Angel managed to win prime position!
 She takes up a lot of room!
 Eliot, who'd been out in the rain, sported the "wet look" and had to sit further back.  Maybe that was a good thing as steaming dog is not a great smell!
As for me ... I was one step further away having a look at the jigsaw ... one piece was placed ... and it was a piece I'd been looking for so that was a moment of satisfaction.  At this rate ... by this time next year ... the puzzle will be half finished.
On our way to the beach we stopped off at the cafe in Dundrum into which you can bring your dog ... Paws for Tea.  Eliot has been many times and did his usual job of guarding the door.
It was Angel's first visit and after a little hesitation she became a shameless beggar going from table to table where she was petted and rewarded!  Who knows what all these titbits will do for the pair of them ... but they didn't seem to suffer any side effects.
I imagine that the only people who eat in such a cafe are those who like dogs ... certainly the animals get fed first and water is provided for them as soon as they arrive.  It's a kind of community cafe and everyone chats to everyone else ... like a big family gathering, I suppose, where the dogs get the centre of attention!
Right ... time to tend the fire, find a good book and enjoy the next hour or two of relaxation ... tomorrow looks like a busy day!

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