Saturday, 12 January 2013

Good night!

"Les Chocolats au Café"
Who could resist those appealing eyes ... just let me try a little bit ... please!
And so he did ... just a taste!
Meanwhile I've been enjoying a very strong coffee in my new mug ... how can you tell it is the new one?  Just look at the difference between one that has been used for almost forty years and that which I was given at Christmas!  Can you believe that I've been using the same set for so long ... piece by piece it was collected ... now you have to search the internet to find the odd item.  It's still around ... but not easy to find.
And, for no particular reason at all ... except that it is a turtle and you don't need a reason for them in this house ... here's a cast iron door wedge!  Just don't drop it on your toe ... I've not done that and certainly don't plan to try it out.  The wedge is very heavy.
Sunday tomorrow ... the Baptism of our Lord ... looking forward to church!  See you there ... maybe?

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