Saturday, 5 January 2013

Holidays ... part two.

A late afternoon trip to Carlingford provided another photo opportunity.  The Lough was calm and, although the sky had the overcast cloud cover, it was a pleasant time.  The "weeds" along the shoreline gave a useful foreground to the picture.  Not far from this lay an abandoned boat, resting on the mud ... good for pictures but hardly sea-worthy. 
The light at this time of day gives a softness to photographs ... but soon afterwards darkness fell and I had to depend on a steady hand or some nearby object on which to rest the camera.
Carlingford is always attractive ... on a summer's day it is a whole lot warmer ... but there are always crowds of people around.  You can't have everything!  In winter the pictures have a Victorian Christmas Card look and the people are all indoors!
One of the best places here, if you want a meal, is PJs ... the building dates back to the eighteenth century and the food is wonderful!
The entrance is narrow and then everything opens out into a restaurant and outside eating area.  It was packed!  A roaring fire and the Christmas decorations added a festive atmosphere.  It's been ages since I had an opportunity to go there so very much enjoyed the experience again.
Like many small towns this year the street decorations have been carefully chosen and are just a bit "different".  (That reminds me to put up some of the Kilkeel pictures too ... will do that later.)

Eliot was there too ... of course!  He had to wait patiently while photographs were taken ... and most of the time he managed to do that without too much fuss!
 He had one last walk along the Lough before heading back home ... and the reflections on the water drew my eye!  A sturdy litter bin acted as tripod so that shots like this could be taken!  Another holiday memory stored away ...
Another place to keep on the tourist map!  Santa clearly calls here ... it must be the street lights that bring him!


keneva said...

I see now why we didn't see you!

Rev Elizabeth said...

Indeed Eva (keneva) ... running around and getting my head cleared! And taking lots of pictures!