Saturday, 5 January 2013

Holidays ... part three.

It was the "Impossipuzzle" that got me started!
That one was easy enough ...
... so I went hunting for a couple of other puzzles that had never been done!  And the challenge is much greater with them.
This one is going to take considerably longer ... a double sided jigsaw with the same picture  on each side ... so you don't know what way up each piece should be!  I'm leaving it in Kilkeel as the temptation to keep doing it is very great ... and before you know it ... hours have passed and perhaps only one piece has been fitted to the correct slot.  More than once a piece that looked right had to be removed, turned over and then placed somewhere else!
 There is great satisfaction to be had when you manage to complete a whole Smartie!  So it will be waiting for me on the next day off ... and ... if the weather is wild and windy it will keep me from the log pile!
That was another of the holiday activities ... the saw was dusted off, the protective sleeve removed and some Eucalyptus that has been hanging around for years was finally made into suitable logs for the fire.
Finding the patterns inside the logs was fun ... and pictures were taken as reminders when the logs are used up.  They burn enthusiastically ... it would be worth (almost) growing Eucalyptus just to provide firewood!
 Getting this job done has tidied up the back area a bit ... and there was enough dry weather for me to get the vine pruned and some bulbs uncovered from the winter debris.
All this exercise must be good ... it meant that I had no difficulty with getting to sleep!
 There's no sign of growth on the vine yet and it was good to get the glass washed and the rubbish made a bit more tidy.
With some bare earth and lots of trees and bushes the birds congregate in large numbers.  In the Rowan Tree there'll often be a dozen or more waiting for the coast to clear so that they can pick around in the undergrowth.

Eliot did a good check of the whole area to ensure that all was secure before we left.
The birds will be glad that he's gone so they can return to the rich feeding ground under the apple tree.

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ROBERTA said...

Haven't been online for a impressed with your puzzle ability. And as always, thrilled to see the pup...happy New Years