Saturday, 5 January 2013

Holidays .... part one.

You begin to wonder where the days went!
Walking the dog took up a large share of the time ... in the Mournes, on the beach and around the towns ...
Let's begin with the beach at Kilkeel.
We're very fortunate that the seaside is so close to home and, on this occasion the shore was deserted, so Eliot had the freedom to run off the lead.
That was a good afternoon and we stayed until almost evening ... 
 Of course, by the time Eliot had finished with the seaside and rolling in everything smelly that he could find ... it was home for a bath and drying off beside the fire!
One of my friends from 365 thought it looked as if he was auditioning for the role of a shepherd in a Nativity play!
Others commented that it looked "undignified"!
Getting the fire going was the first thing as it warms up the entire house and certainly dries off the dog fairly quickly.


lesleyc said...

Looks like Eliot can put up with the drying if he gets all that time to explore the beach!

Love that shot of the grasses against the sea and sky.

Rev Elizabeth said...

Yes Lesley ... the walking makes the bath okay! It is a good place to be on holiday.