Saturday, 29 December 2012

Before the complaints roll in ...

No, I don't suppose you'd have been complaining about my towels.  They are huge and fluffy but were a rather nasty shade of a "once white / now grey" colour.  They did the job ... indeed they did the job very well ... but ... wash after wash it was becoming an embarrassment to hang them on the line!  Clean, they might have been ... but clean, they did not look!
So ... some dye to the rescue!  And there are now three cornflower blue towels drying on the line.  Well "drying" is a bit of an exaggeration ... "hanging" on the line is more accurate.
However, the complaints won't be about the towels (I wonder will they leave blue streaks when used for drying?) ... the problem will be the absence of shots of the dog!
Already there are grumbles that he doesn't appear often enough ... but even Eliot needs a rest after Christmas.
While I was hanging out the aforementioned towels Eliot came to supervise so managed to get himself in one or two pictures.  If you look closely you'll see his tail along the bottom right edge of the towel photograph!
He sat, for a while, in his usual 'paw tucked under him' pose.
I really do need to tidy up that area outside the back door ... maybe in the spring time.
Then, there was a noise so up he jumped to see who might be walking within half a mile of his territory.
False alarm ... so he returned to checking out the back garden and take a look at the towels.
Something moved a blade of grass ... did he need to go check it out?
Nothing misses the beady eye of this guard dog!
Thankfully all was well so he could wander around for a double-check before the camera vanished!
So ... Eliot has returned to keep the fan club happy!

Tomorrow's Collect (The First Sunday of Christmas):
Almighty God, 
who wonderfully created us in your own image 
and yet more wonderfully restored us 
through your Son Jesus Christ: 
Grant that, as he came to share in our humanity, 
so we may share the life of his divinity; 
who is alive and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, 
one God, now and for ever.  Amen. 

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