Saturday, 29 December 2012

Getting the pieces to fit!

It's an old tradition ... Christmas means jigsaws!  (and Monopoly ... though we've allowed that one to lapse a bit.)
Santa always brought jigsaws.
So, every year my WeeSis buys me a jigsaw!  3D, double-sided, crossword, impossible ... endless variety and varying degrees of challenge!  The Baked Beans / Brussels Sprouts one may not have been quite the most difficult but it was certainly one of the most boring ... and is now framed for ever in a double-sided glass!
This year the puzzle is small and single-sided ... Love Hearts!
 It's described as "Impossipuzzle" ... but getting the outside edges completed was a cinch!
Up close you can see that each piece has an almost identical image ... so putting the remainder of the puzzle together may take a little longer.
It will be only when the jigsaw is completed that we'll see where each piece goes.  That's a bit like life really ... sometimes we don't see how things fit . ..but looking back, afterwards, the picture become clear and we can observe God's hand in it all.  This puzzle has "love" written all over it ... maybe that's another parable too!

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